Seasoning of Life

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I always wonder if there is ever a time in life when anyone irrespective of their time here in this world is 100 percent happy of how life is treating them. There is always that one thing missing or a worry that will manifest itself in some form. When you walk a crowded street, has it ever occurred to you that everyone walking beside is fighting a battle, grieving a loss or worrying about something or do you suffer from comparison syndrome wondering why your life is filled with unhappiness and worries?

Every one of us has a story to tell and a battle we fight. With that as a given, it quickly dawns to me that we are all one and the same. Each one of us is a package with good and bad. We have free will to make a decision with conviction and create our pattern of life. Through our way of life, habits, behaviour we tend to create an aura around us which most often creates worry than happiness. And sometimes we live in denial that the output of life is not what we have input to it. More often than not we are the creator of our own problems. But that doesn’t mean we have to be hard on ourselves. But what we can do is recognise that pattern and source of that aura and try to work on it. And the first step as always is removing denial and taking responsibility.

Sometimes life seems to happen with no control of yourself what so ever. These times are the most difficult because you do not feel responsible leaving you helpless. And being helpless leads you to feeling anger, disbelief and a whole lot of negative emotions rather than giving you the strength to overcome it. The best solution during these times is tasting your seasoning of life. In other words, little things like salt and pepper in a dish is often the reason it tastes delicious or bad. Similarly little things in your life is what makes it meaningful and sometimes most significant and more often than not the roots for your happiness.

With that in heart and mind and now when you walk the same crowded place, and you see and assume the stories people have more often than not you will realise your life is the best anyone can ever have and you know you are in a much better place. And when you feel in your heart that you are blessed and special and as happy as you can be, there is a new perspective to life. This new perspective will leave you feeling your life with all its worries is much more beautiful than the person sitting next to you.

Life can sometimes be unfair but it is always fulfilling and blessed. So next time what do you feel when you walk the same crowded street?

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