Trigonometry and Algorithm of Life

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Sine Curve
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Life is often based on logic and patterns that we most often donít notice owing to our busy schedules and lifestyle. There are times when we want to take a pause to fathom the overall scheme of things. And we tend to do this especially when things are not going as per plan or wish. A frustration or simply a bad day can leave us wondering and we almost always ask why this is happening and most importantly to you of all the people in the wide big world.

During these times, however hard it may sound, applying logic to life isnít the immediate go to option , however if we realise and accept some underlying principles of life , we may just find it a little better to tackle issues.

The Trigonometric Sine Curve
We are familiar with the Sinusoid curve, commonly known as the Sine curve ,an inverted U share curve explaining that life has ups and downs and they alternate. So when there is a steep down happening slowing, the flip side to it is there is steep up curve waiting to happen after this. A sensation to remember that good and bad are alternates. Pessimists argue the opposite that when good happens bad follows but what is to life than to be positive. Choose being positive and live life a little

Round Robin, the Algorithm
Every person who has had something to do with computers or its science would know the algorithm ĎRound Robiní. Round Robin concept is about sequence in a line and when it comes to the end it starts from the beginning. Sometimes life throws us in a round robin fashion. When we feel we have done it all or achieved a bit , there comes a time when you are thrown back right where you started. It is a humble reminder of our roots and the need to be grateful. It tells us sometimes we might have to do something which is beyond our experience and the most significant thing to remember is being grateful for the opportunity and be open to it.

Round Robin or Sinusoidal, lets enjoy life with the one chance we get at it.

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