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Music - Sound that reaches the unreachable

by Mithra (follow)
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Music Notes
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Sound from various sources, be it instruments, vocal or natural from nature's own beautiful sources like a baby’s laughter is music. Music in any form can bring several emotions to our minds, ranging from soothing happiness to any levels of ecstasy.

Whenever anyone mentions music, we immediately picture music notes and an instrument or a singer. The word ‘sound’ itself translates to music based on its source.

Music, though evolved from several religions, races and geographical regions, can strike a chord across people from all over the world. It travels across several mediums and reaches the places that are unimaginable. It can bring people together on various notes.

There are records of music producing rains too. Music has been, throughout history, a critical tool to unify people for various causes. The underlying cause for people feeling good about listening to a tune is that it creates a certain vibration, a sensation at a certain area in their mind/heart.

I am unable to find words in my dictionary to explain this special feeling, but it is a taste we acquire and develop. Like how people learn to like their daily coffee or tea or their favourite drink/food. Deprived of it, people feel lost.

The beauty of music is just unfathomable. It is similar to or exceeds whatever the listener perceives as beauty - sound of a bird's flight, it's chirp, leaves rustling, storm developing, rain drops, baby's first laugh/cry or the feeling one experiences when doing something you love like watching a rainbow, warmth of holding a baby, being with your loved ones or even meditating to name a few.

Of the many types of instruments, I have always had an affinity to string instruments, which makes the listener sway to its rhythm. The sound from them transforms the entire area into a place of happiness or spreads an aura of calm & peace, as when you meditate with simple string strokes. Sometimes, I have meditated listening to string instruments, forgetting the environment. Although it is hard to believe, it is possible.

In recent research on rhythm, studies have found that some special notes can cure diseases, ailments or even balance our mental nature. Also, some musical notes are better for different times of the day. For example, our mind is tuned to some sounds or noise or music; however we wish to term them. Natural sounds like chirping of birds or the sounds of waterfall suit for morning times. Good rhythmic compositions, instrumentals, vocals are suitable for mid-day and a quiet melody like lullaby is suitable for the nights. Although they get swapped, some sounds will definitely make us aware of the time of the day. Have you ever noticed that, the first song you listen to as you start the day, is what we keep humming through the day?

In saying the above, I can undoubtedly say that, music reaches a part of your mind/heart that can transform a person’s mood for the better. Music is one of our friends, if we tune our mind to its rhythm and listen to it, there will be a beautiful response to the things that develop and happen in our day to day lives.

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