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Decisions Define Us!

by Mithra (follow)
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Options Choices or simply Decisions (Source:http://mrg.bz/fab7d6)

"Decisions Define Us" - This phrase caught my attention today though I have been seeing this for a week near the station, each day when I get the train to work! Many thoughts came fluttering and I thought what better way than to pen them down.

Does this phrase “Decisions you make in life defines you” mean choices we make as go along after our life was given to us? It's usually considered best to follow what our mind and heart compete to tell us at certain situations, which would also define us. I'm also reminded of the phrase "Past teaches us a lesson, Present helps us in decisions and Future helps us dream!"

Sometimes, I feel, when decisions were made for us, they bring about outcomes that are mostly favourable to us. We hardly find a reason to complain about such decisions made for lack of choice such as who our parents/siblings are, the religion or faith we follow (till an age), where we live, our social status etc. With these choices already made for us, we try to work with what's given and try to reach certain heights of success, but we hardly complain or stop being ourselves because of them.

But moving on, from a certain age when we realise who we are, we form an ego or attitude about ourselves, plan our goals (pertaining to education, job, savings / social status), and it’s the decisions that we make for ourselves at each turn which determine what works for us and what does not. These decisions may pertain to:
- Education
- Mode of transport
- Partner
- Preferences
- House
and the list goes on and on.

Sometimes our own choices work the best with favourable outcomes. At times, we are faced with temporary failures. I call failure as temporary because the insatiable human mind will constantly mull with thought process to rectify a negative result until achieving the positive outcome and one-up to improve on it. This is a continuous cycle unless we condition ourselves to be satisfied of the good result in one area and focus on the next item in the bucket list.

We have to work on our goals and plan well like an engineer, mentally chalking out sound plans, removing unstable elements at each step . We need to obtain the perfect working model with buffer for areas that will not remain constant. We make ourselves aware of assumptions, dependencies and limitations, before we take the first step towards our goals. Being aware of limitations helps us avoid wasted effort in fruitless reactions or complaints.

Thus, if we approach our decision-making as a process (with due consideration to human relationships) to achieve our goals with the patience of a true hunter, we can be sure that the choices (mini-decisions) we make along our life's journey will reap us the benefits we hope for. And hopefully not leave us with moments that we may regret in future.

Can I claim then that circumstances provide experience? Experience gives ways to make better judgment, if not decisions, with which we can define ourselves and our lives better. We should always hope for the best than expect success to fall unto our arms and realise that choices we make are what that makes us. In effect, scenarios we are faced with define our actions/reactions which in turn define us as a human, giving us a social recognition!

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