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A Soulful Beginning - Chapter 4

by Sasha (follow)
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Sara dressed to look beautiful but she couldn’t look happy. Mike was there before her and waited in the lobby of the hospital. This is the hospital Sasha had passed away four years back. His memory was interrupted when Sara walked in. She looked dazzling in her dress. He pointed her to the café in the same floor. They both chose the same table overlooking the beautiful green gardens.
Sara looked at Mike like he needed to tell her something and Mike was feeling blank and probably relieved and happy to finally speak with her. Sara broke the silence “Mike I want you to know that no matter how much you explain I am not going to forgive you. It has been so difficult for me to forget. I just want to meet Nyla and I miss Sasha a lot and I really feel I should be a part of Nyla’s life. I don’t want to know anything about you and Sasha. I loved you both so much and the last thing I expected was for something like this to happen”.

Mike slides a file across the table to Sara. It was what he intended to give her all those years back in a box. The file had medical records of Sasha. Owing to her heart condition doctors advised Sasha she was not going to make it after the delivery. That’s when Sasha had asked to meet with Mike for the wellness of Nyla. After all she wanted Nyla to have at least one parent, her father and she knew if not her, it was not possible to speak with the donor.

Sara said “I will not believe this, this cannot be true. Sasha would have surely told me” and Mike said “She couldn’t Sara, she didn’t know who the donor was. Sasha could not believe it was me and before she passed away asked me to speak with you .She wanted Nyla to at least have her father. And for me growing up in a doctor’s family, this wasn’t something I thought was a big deal. It was well before I met you and didn’t think it mattered to even tell you. I tried explaining to you that day and before I could finish you left. Ever since I have tried so much to be in touch with you but after few years of trying we didn’t want to disturb you. “

Sara kept silent. She wondered why Sasha hadn’t discussed this option with her. Did Sasha think that she wouldn’t be supportive nor did she feel it was too personal to reveal. Well only Sasha knew the answer for it and all that Sara could now do was accept facts.

The silence was interrupted with the sound of Mike’s phone and it made Sara bring her eyebrows together with a bit of disappointment that he didn’t even bother to put his phone on silent for their conversation. He looked at her and said “Sorry I have to take this”. It was his secretary who said Mrs Grace wanted to speak with him.
“Yes Mrs Grace “, said Mike.

Mrs Grace spoke at the other end in a concerned tone, “Mike, Nyla was feeling restless last night and but she is ok now. She wants to speak with you right away”. Nyla got on the phone and asked her dad, “Did you speak with Aunt Sara dad, is she ok?”

And Mike replied, “Sara is fine Nyla. Don’t forget to have your tablets and I will see you soon. He disconnected the call and continued his conversation with Sara.

“Sara, I never put my phone on silent because anytime I might have to take an emergency call for Nyla. Nyla is not well; she has a heart condition like Sasha and needs to be monitored. She is in level 4 in this hospital. I love her with all my heart and she has been the only positive thing in my life after you left. I have always wished you well and wanted the best for you. Even today all I ever wanted is for you to understand that I love you”. And no matter what, I will always love you”
Sara gripped the bag she held in her lap. Before she could say anything Mike continued” I know this is too much for you to take in but all I can say is life has not been fair but I have Nyla.”

He left the files with her and got up and left.
Sara watched him walk away and sat there blank.

3 months later,

“Nyla you have to be careful with your juice” said Mike. He took his tea and sat in his favourite spot overlooking the beautiful gardens thinking of Sara.
When he looked out, there she stood in from of him as a real person while he got up in disbelief and happiness all at once. She looked beautiful and more importantly happy.

They had each other, they had Nyla and this was the most soulful and meaningful beginning to their life together again.

The End

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