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A Soulful Beginning - Chapter 2

by Sasha (follow)
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Five years back

The calendar read 10.10.2010. Sara thought to herself. ‘That’s interesting, 10.10.10”. Her phone rang. It was her best friend who said “Sara lets catch up over coffee, I need to speak with you”. About 4.30 pm Sara finished work and went to their favourite coffee shop. Sunny greeted her with his usual warm smile and took her to a table overlooking her favourite spot in the café – a lovely garden.

She looked at Sunny and told him “I love your garden more than your coffee” and Sunny replied” We love your smile more than anything Sara “.
Sara grinned and waited for Sasha.

“Sara you are not going to believe ” said Sasha while she walked in. Sara swaying her head with her usual smile said, “Sasha you always do this, what is it now?”
Sasha exclaimed, “Read my T shirt”. ‘Guess what’ was printed on the front of her t shirt in italic white with a question mark. Sara grinned and guessed, “Are you joining the army now “. And Sasha said to her “You have to get up and read the print on the back of my t Shirt”. Sara was a little impatient and said “Aaaah ok “

After reading it Sara was speechless and stood there in shock. She had a million questions and wanted answers to all of them right then. She did not know how to react.

“Nyla” read the back of her t shirt.
Sara was surprised and looked at Sasha and said “Does that mean ” and Sasha replied with such happiness and joy , “Yes”.

Sasha has always wanted a daughter and name her Nyla. She has always been revolutionary and especially after she broke up with the love of her, she said she was never going to do this but she is pregnant today. Sara did not know if her ex knew about it. She always thought Sasha was coming out of what had happened to her well but being pregnant is the last thing anyone would do to get over a guy.

Sunny walked in and interrupted her thought process and gave her the coffee and said” Hey beautiful here you go “. Sara didn’t even smile and all she wanted was Sasha to begin talking. She came back and sat down in her chair and this time didn’t take notice of the gardens outside. She leaned towards Sasha and looked straight into her eyes with confusion. She was looking at her pregnant friend with so much of worry instead of being happy.

Sasha began talking.

“Sara you are the first person I am telling this to. You know that I have always wanted a baby and I think I am happy”. Sara had to play devil’s advocate. “Sasha I am not sure what on earth you were thinking, how you are going to manage. Did you really think through this .Does the father know .Did you discuss this with the him. Having a baby is not a solution to a break up. Did you not think being a mother was not going to be easy”.

Sasha wore the most peaceful smile on her face as an answer to all her questions. Slowly she said “ Sara I am not growing any younger and I have thought through this more than you can imagine .
This baby is all I have today”.“But Sasha what about telling the father, he needs to know “. And for this Sasha said “Sara we have been through this before, I don’t want to ever talk about him, and he doesn’t deserve me and left me thinking I am the loneliest person in this world. He has nothing to do with my baby. He made me lose my belief in love. Today I am happy and that’s all that matters” Sara finally accepted what she was hearing. “Fine Sasha, if this is what will make you happy, I am there to support you with all my heart. Remember no matter what, I am going to love this baby to the moon and back”. She gave Sasha a big hug.

With smiles they both left the coffee place with heavy hearts and confused heads.They knew life was going to change, change for forever.

To be Continued....

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