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5 Ways of Staying Happy

by Sasha (follow)
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Happiness is a state of mind I hear but I always feel it’s an affair of the heart. When you feel happy in your heart I think it reflects on pretty much everything you do. But why is finding happiness challenging and more so why is it elusive for some and a dream for most.

Every one of us, in every action we consciously take, hope that it bring us happiness. But when you are not happy, common sense isn’t so common anymore and we tend to be making decisions from a place of fear rather than from a place of love. And the snowball effect starts.

To Be
Being honest and truthful is overrated and made fun of but in actual effect it is one of the most important reasons for you to stay happy. It will bring with itself a sense of satisfaction; confidence and peace that will make you feel good and lets you feel happiness. In every decision you make, if you can be honest and open, more often than not it will yield the best possible result. It is a road taken by few and no wonder few people stay happy!

To Trust
Trusting yourself and the people you love makes a lot of difference and solves a lot of problems. When you are able to do this, you eliminate doubts and insecurity. While this can be very hard especially if you have had your heart broken, remember the five fingers in your own hand are different. There is no reason for people to be the same and you should face your fear to overcome it. And when you do that and trust yourself and others, a whole new world awaits you.

To do
Being healthy and taking care of yourself is something that can help a lot. It is not just physical but most times it is your emotional wellbeing. Sometimes you cannot afford professional help, you should be able to trust someone and ask for help. It could a good friend, a colleague or even a mentor. They will most often help you understand where you need help and give you the comfort to love yourself. This will help you to solve your problems again from a place of love than of fear. And of course physical wellbeing is quite obvious – a regular exercise or even a walk around the park can help. It needn’t be fad diets or excessive.

To Let
Sometimes in life we just have to let go. Let go of a person, let go of an issue, let go of a negative experience. Simply letting go can do wonders. Channelising your energy and time in something that brings you pure joy will have an amazing effect on you. It could be singing aloud, taking a class on some activity you always wanted to do, learn something new like a language or organise a barbecue with friends.

To love
To love and be loved is the most amazing emotional feeling one can ever experience. Love needn’t just be with a partner, it can be towards a goal, a dream, a charitable organisation, a pet or even with you. When love happens happiness happens. There is very less room for pessimism leaving a whole lot of happiness for you to experience. While falling in love is not something that you can plan for, you never know when cupid strikes.

Happiness always comes from a place of love.

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